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Couple more things:
I'm not gonna live with Chris - yet ;) Even though we were thinking about that. It's still too early.
The girl who's in the mental hospital - hates me, but I guess she hates everyone at the moment, and James, C's brother is not taking me seriously, and he probably thinks that it's just me - having fun, or something, that's why he's not too friendly toward me. I'm using my future flat mate's computer at the moment, and I should finish - actually;)
So... once again - hugs and kisses guys!
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When my life was so insignificant and nothing important was happening I could inform you about everything. Right now, when there are so many things to write about-I have no chance to do so. From the most interesting news: I'm still with Chris Still loving him dearly Still wanna spend the rest of my life with him, even though his brother hates me and there are some difficult moments from time to time. I'm moving out right now cos one of my flatmates landed herself in the mental health clinic and she claims that I'm one of the reasons. She keeps sending me hate messages what actually freaks me out. Well... And many many other... Missing you all and regreting that I can't go through yours ljs Xox Dori
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That's what I think... That's what we think... Me and Chris. Chris and Me.
When he walked me to work today, before we kissed, we talked about colours of
our feelings. And yeah, that's green. His favourite color. It's good to have
him here. I feel beautiful, in his eyes, and he... He's just my red-haired
sticky eared hobbit, even though he's taller than I'm. I like this green
island. It's good to be here:) And to have him, even if he's just for a while.
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Good thing about living in Strabane, is that it's rather cheap (yaaay), nice (yaaay) and there we have rather nice pubs in here (yaaay yaaaa)
Bad thing, is that I still don't have a computer (buuuu), no cinema (buuuu) and  all those people gathered in here, are just a bunch of old gossipers! I hate being their mane topic. And, yes, there are gossips about me... plenty! Like for instance that one guy has some naked photos of me on his computer - no one saw me naked since Pope's funeral, and I've never had a naked photo. There were those, which you've seen, where I was in a strapless top, and one could suspect me for being naked, but you couldn't see ANYTHING there! So it's just people's imagination... To tell you the truth, I don't really get it, why someone would put so much effort in searching for my photos, and those which were shown in public, on Grono (Polish my space) were definitely not naked. I think I can see where it comes from... long story... I'll tell you later;)
Hugzzzz everyone!
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